Our Goal

Your smallest contribution makes a big difference.


1. Agricultural Development: Including coastal area development, irrigation, and food storage under the provisions of the Right to Food for all.

2. Health Sector Development: Setting up hospitals in rural and remote areas, providing mobile and water ambulances, blood banks, and comprehensivehealthcare services for the poor and accident victims.

3. Education for All: Offering educational/health facilities in rural and remote areas, including boarding and libraries for economically backward pupils.

4. Cottage and Small-Scale Industries Development: Addressing unemployment through various initiatives.

5. Environmental Protection: Promoting a green and pollution-free world.

6. Accident Awareness: Creating awareness and facilities for accident-free zones.

7. Land Identification: Proper identification of agricultural, non-agricultural, and industrial land.

8. Unemployment Eradication: Implementing proper plans and programs to combat unemployment.

9. Rural Development: Ensuring the fullest execution of rural development activities.

10. Human Trafficking Prevention: Stopping human trafficking, including women and child trafficking.

11. Sunderban Conservation: Planning to optimally use river water to save the Sunderban in West Bengal.