W.B. REGN. NO. – S/40322 DATED 01/03/1983

Under taken by The then Ministry of Rural Development & Agriculture Government of India



This elite Social Institution was founded by Late Atul Chakraborty, and, duly recommended and approved and financial aided by both the late Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, at their respective regime, and thus this Social Institution popularly known as “TAPASIL JATI ADIBASI PRAKTAN SAINIK KRISHIBIKASH SHILPA KENDRA (TJAPSKBSK) bearing the Registration No. - S/40322/1983 and the Registration date 01.03.1983.


This elite Social Institution from the very beginning date of inception was engaged in various social upliftment measures including both rural and urban sectors and accordingly satisfied the needs of the society at grass root levels. But unfortunately the then Managing Committee (MC) headed by certain greedy management personals tarnishing the image of this elite Social Institution towards a negative trend.


At present the MC equipped with various modern facilities and Management Information System (MIS), guiding this elite Social Institution to the level of next – generation by its strong and experienced Management Committee (MC). This present MC updated all such statutory requirements including updated filing of its documents with various statutory authorities and also updated its tax and trade mark structures with the appropriate authorities. And now by the help of proper management personals, this elite Social Institution guided towards a proper goal and mission.


The aims and objectives of this Social Institution are concurrent with the aims and objectives of a social organization , whose steps of works coincides with the all types of developments of the present modern and diversified India and satisfying and fulfilling all the needs of a Society with multi-diversity culture as embedded by the Constitution of India.


In pursuance to the Main Objects as embedded with this elite Social Organization are as follows:-

  1. Agricultural Developments including coastal area developments, irrigation, storage of food items under the provisions of Rights to Food for all.
  2. Development in Health sectors including setting up rural and remote area hospitals including mobile ambulance, water ambulance and blood banks and overall door step medical facilities in all branches of health care for poor people and accidental victims.
  3. Education for all in rural sectors as well as in remote areas including boarding and library facilities for the economically backward pupils.
  4. All types of developments in cottage and small scale industries and thereby get rid off from the issue of unemployment.
  5. To create awareness and accordingly eradication of unemployment.
  6. To protect the environment and to set up a green and polluted free world.
  7. To create awareness and facilities for accidental free zones.
  8. To detect the land with proper identification for agricultural, non-agricultural and industrial land.


  1. To drive away unemployment problems with proper plan and program.
  2. To ensure the activities of all such Rural Developments and executing to its fullest possible extent.
  3. To stop all such human trafficking including women and child trafficking.
  4. To save Sunderban in the State of West Bengal by a proper planning to use the river water to its optimum level.
  5. To educate and create awareness amongst the general public against various terrorist activities specifically against the IS. And accordingly create awareness of advantage of joint families and reunited all such families into joint family culture to realize the concept and value of the much needed joint family.
  6. To raise a demand before the appropriate authority to nationalize our beloved Members which are in number now 15,000 from the existing 6,500 Members.